While everyone tries to get a handle on why Mommy does not want to marry doc, Toni explores new management opportunities and Gabe tries to right the wrongs in his marriage to Trina.

Evelyn tries to break the news to Doc that she is calling off the wedding, but are WE the only ones who think she is giving this poor man false hope?  BFVQuote: “People can have a relationship and not say I do.”  Mama E, you may be thinking that friendship is a kind of relationship, but Doc is thinking it’s still full steam ahead on the romantic front!
Trina and Towanda go shopping to discuss the issues Trina has with Gabe, and as much as he has given her many heartfelt apologies, she is still afraid of what her family may think should she choose to stay with Gabe.  BFVQuote: “I wish Trina wouldn’t care about what anybody else thinks and make her own decisions”.  Our girl, Trina raises the question, “What is the definition of cheating?”  A question that is not easy to answer.  WE think you should just do what makes you happy, Trina… and if that means staying with Gabe, WE support you!

Evelyn and the girls meet up in LA, where Evelyn plans to break the news about the wedding (or, lack there of).  As Tamar reflects on how great it is to have the sisterhood back together, the girls join in to second Tamar’s statements and toast to Mommy’s pending nuptials.  Evelyn follows up with “Doc and I are not getting married”, jaws drop, and they are quick to give Mommy the blame.  BFVQuote: “Getting her to be married is like pulling hen’s teeth!”  Even though Evelyn can’t exactly state why she doesn’t want to marry Doc, the girls all seem a bit relieved.  Tamar concludes BFVQuote: “I’m happy you called it off”.

After Toni decided to pursue other management, Vince thought it was best for Toni to break the news to Tamar. Toni is relieved about the change and feels like a weight has been lifted.  She explains to Evelyn that all this “family stuff” (including breaking the news to Tamar) is the main reason she does not want Vince to manage her or do a family album.  Evelyn understands where Toni is coming from, and thinks this is best for all the sisters.  It will give them all an opportunity to venture out and achieve their own successes.

Toni arranges for all the sisters to get together for lunch.  As Toni breaks her new management news to the women, Tamar looks shocked.  Toni explains, BFVQuote: “My family is my family and my business is my business”.  After Tamar hears Toni’s side of the story, she seems to understand why her sister chose to seek new management.

After not being able to give the girls a straight answer about her aversion to marrying Doc, Evelyn realizes she may need to get a professional’s opinion on the subject.  Enter Dr. Sherry.  As Evelyn talks through the actual engagement and her reaction to the proposal, she starts to realize what the real issue is.  BFVQuote: “I think a burned child is afraid of fire.”  Evelyn also thinks that she may not want to marry Doc because she has devoted her life to everyone else for so long.  BFVQuote: “I think next to God, I am the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.”

Oh and Diezel… we love your honesty! BFVQuote: Mom Mom! Man, I feel like smacking you!  You don’t want a good man?”
In Park City, Toni is getting ready for her show at Sundance.  Alex, her new assistant is not blowing Toni over, especially with his lotioning skills.  And he just seems creeped out by Toni’s mention of her kegel exercises.  It is extremely apparent that Toni was spoiled by Towanda, as she tells Alex he cannot ask her when she wants her dinner, he just needs to be “psychic” about it.  WE don’t know if it’s the altitude that prevents people from being overly excited or what, but between Alex and that crowd at the Sundance party, things are not looking great.  To brighten up the crowd, Toni tries to see if anyone knows the lyrics to her song.  Thankfully, our very own AMC Networks coworker, Kelli Hill isn’t shy and performs a little duet with Ms. Braxton.  Go Kelli!

Once everyone is in the same zip code, the whole family meets for dinner.  Gabe sees this as the perfect opportunity to break out the notecards and give the family a “proper apology.”  Some are very open to what Gabe has to say, however Toni is not in a forgiving mood BFVQuote: “She’s my sister.  When she hurts, I hurt.”  As Gabe is going into the reasons he is sorry, the women seem to question his sincerity BFVQuote: “Put those cards down and be serious about it.”  Trina wishes Gabe would have apologized on more of a personal note, but we have to agree with Traci.  Gabe, smiling and giggling throughout an apology is no way to win people over. Of course, leave it to Tamar to bring it all into perspective BFVQuote: “I think he got too much R&R… ratchet and ridiculousness!”

During this whole ordeal, we really do feel for Trina.  As she buries her face in her food, Tamar goes to sit by her sister and comfort her during this uncomfortable, hurtful time.  It is clear that Trina’s sisters stand by her, and want to support her in every way possible.  This almost makes me want a sister! (Almost!)  At the end of the speech, Gabe declares his love for Trina, and promised to restore honor, respect and trust in the relationship.

Your thoughts? Should Trina forgive Gabe and work on their relationship? Should Evelyn make a clean break from Doc and not string him along?  Do some of the Braxton women need to make a clean break from the men in their lives?