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Wizard of Oz Bride

We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of… what?! You guessed it, we have another My Fair Wedding fantasy wedding. When I met Aimee and David of Sylmar, California, I was thrilled that a fairytale wedding was on the forefront! It’s these types of themes that may seem somewhat impractical and unrealistic for a wedding at first but inevitably allows you to bring out your most creative side. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a fine line between a Wizard of Oz inspired wedding and a Wizard of Oz wedding that looks like a themed birthday party. Aimee’s wedding inspiration stemmed from one of the most important women in her life, her grandmother, who had recently passed away. Aimee and her grandmother shared a love for the Wizard of Oz and the idea of yellow and yellow brickroads.

Certainly you can take a fun and unique wedding theme and incorporate it subtly. For instance, for the wedding day itself, I made sure that the brides had perfectly fitted yellow dresses by Alfred Angelo and that my bride had, of course, red slippers. Also, yellow and red floral décor became a primary décor element. Have you ever asked your family and friends for suggestions on colors or themes for the wedding and you feel like it’s impossible to pull off because the ideas are completely different from person to person? I have heard this from so many of my brides in the past and I find that the best way to sort through all of the opinions and fluff is to pick your favorite 2-3 aspects of all of the suggestions and combine these elements into one cohesive theme. If you pick Wizard of Oz as a theme and then have red slippers, bring in a lion, scatter pieces of tin throughout the reception space, add green and black stockings, a witch hat, a green, bald man…whew, that can quickly become chaotic!

Now going back to what I previously mentioned about the opinions of those around you in regards to your wedding day. Sometimes, these ideas can be a wonderful gift and give you plenty of fodder to work with in creating your designs. For instance, I thought it would be so much fun to incorporate the Los Angeles Floral Design School and have three of their top students create an Oz-inspired bridal bouquet to be carried by the bride on her wedding day. I can’t express to you how impressed I was with these floral designers’ creativity! Actually, it was during this segment that I started to think more and more about the importance of straw, the outdoors, poppies….When it comes to event planning, wedding planning, any type of event organization, you can find your greatest inspiration in the smallest things.

Aimee’s outdoor wedding ceremony was stunning with a custom aisle runner, grazing horses in the background, and a sunset. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect and yellow was absolutely everywhere. It was like Dorothy had finally come back from this magical journey to realize (and celebrate!) that there’s no place like home. I’m so happy that Aimee and David had a joyous wedding and, most importantly, I’m delighted that I was able to take the trip with them to Oz and back.