Beyond the Pole

Atlanta’s hottest dancers transition from working in the club to life Beyond the Pole. Friendships are tested, finances are strapped, but together these ladies strive to move into their next chapter. Explore Georgia Film at

S2, E2

We're All Broken Toys

Old grudges come to light when Lyric and Yaya have an explosive face-off.

S2, E3

Rumor Has It

Lyric confronts Dime about Ty; Angel wants out of the club; Empress struggles with family drama.

S2, E4

Poles to Polls

Gigi calls the ladies to action to twerk for votes; Lyric’s apology to Dime goes left.

S2, E5

Who's Your (Baby) Daddy?

Empress’ stunning baby daddy truth bomb; Dime & Lyric come to blows; Angel’s shocking choice.

S2, E6

Sex Party Secrets

Empress confesses her elicit love affair; Gigi’s lingerie party reveals shocking secrets.

S2, E7

Re-Squeeze & Receipts

Lyric’s relationship with Ty becomes dangerous and Dime has an epic failure trying to out Lyric.

S2, E8

Bitter Betrayal

Lyric learns of a vicious rumor being spread about her by Yaya. Dime romances Milk Marie.

S2, E9

Stripped Down to Lies

Gigi’s One Night Only is in jeopardy; Lyric faces Ty for the first time since their fight.

S2, E10

One Night Only

Lyric meets with her mom to face childhood traumas and Dime celebrates landing a trucking account.