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Super Sized Salon

There are over 80,000 beauty salons in America, but only one caters specifically to the plus size community - Babydoll Beauty Couture. Owner Jamie Lopez created this unique space after experiencing a tremendous amount of discrimination in the beauty industry for being plus-sized and being ridiculed for breaking a chair in a regular salon. Along with Jamie, the women who work here are determined to make everyone look and feel beautiful, no matter what their size -- but with their loud and diverse personalities, drama is always just around the corner! Salon receptionist Astra, aka Funky Chunky, is loved by everyone for her upbeat and uplifting personality that helps keep the group going when the times get tense. Holistic hair care specialist “A-Love” loves hard and brings laughter to any situation, but at times her “boughetto” temper gets the best of her. Fashion stylist “007” is one of Jamie’s closest (and most protective) friends, satisfying clients with the hottest plus size intimates and custom bling jobs. Celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist, Taj, is the responsible, level-headed “mama bear” of the bunch, serving as the second-in-command salon manager when Jamie isn’t around. Last but not least is make-up artist and esthetician, BB, who has no problem calling it as she sees it! With conflicting personalities and consistent workplace drama, will this crew be able to keep their cool as tensions heat up? Will they be able to get through it together and satisfy their ultimate mission of making all women feel beautiful?!