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Bold and Bougie

Five boss women balance it all while living their best lives on their own terms in Atlanta.

S1, E1

Let Me Reintroduce Myself

Gocha throws a pool party. Malaysia makes an epic return. Crystal and Tameka get off to a rocky start.

S1, E2

Clatchet Tea Party

Malaysia's tea party goes left. Tameka works on her son's legacy. Gocha deals with family issues.

S1, E3

Too Many Princesses For One Kingdom

Gocha's attempt to connect with Tameka backfires. One remark sends Crystal's club night into chaos.

S1, E4

Damage Control

Tensions between the ladies rise & threaten new friendships. Malaysia attempts damage control.

S1, E5

As The Vanity World Turns

Malaysia balances her business, her friends and her new boo Kenny. Princess stands up for herself.

S1, E6

Divorcing The BS

The ladies take a trip to rid themselves of their issues. Gocha and Tameka lock horns.

S1, E7


Princess gets bad news before her fashion show. Gocha finally talks to her mom about her childhood.

S1, E8

Sisterhood Is A Strong Word”

Three of the ladies make bold steps with their businesses, but Gocha still struggles with the past.