Brat Loves Judy

Legendary rapper Da Brat and her multi-millionaire CEO girlfriend, Jesseca “Judy” Dupart, pull the curtain back to offer an unprecedented, never-before-seen look at their extravagant world. Pending nuptials are on the horizon, but debt, familial burdens, and stresses within their home shine a light on serious issues just below the surface. As the powerhouse couple navigates a new life together, parents and friends invade their love nest, calling into question the expectations they have for one another in a relationship.

S1, E2

Respect the Legend

Judy is planning to propose, but Brat’s big surprise could be the real game-changer.

S1, E3

So So Defensive

A fight throws Judy’s secret proposal into doubt. Judy’s daughter Deja and baby Kenzie move in.

S1, E4

Coming to a Proposal

The stage is set for Judy to pop the question. Will she get the answer she wants from Brat?

S1, E5

What's Good in the Sisterhood

Emotions run high when Brat and her sister, LisaRaye, have a heart-to-heart. Will the sit-down turn into a showdown?

S1, E6

A Word with JD

Before Brat and Judy can walk down the aisle, they’ll need to handle some unfinished business. Could Brat’s troubled past destroy their future?

S1, E7

Protective State of Mind

Judy is ready to finalize the wedding date, but Brat insists on paying off her legal debt before tying the knot. How will the couple resolve the issue?

S1, E8

The Missing Ink

Brat plans an epic surprise to prove her commitment to Judy. But, does she go too far?