"Bridezillas" is back with a vengeance as the most over-the-top, crazy brides wreak wedding hell!

S13, E2

$100K Wedding & GuardZilla

Stacy’s breakdown leads to a missing bride at $100K wedding; Roxanne’s big lie threatens her day.

S13, E3

GuardZilla & Boho Diva

Will a wardrobe malfunction and a Momzilla ruin these brides' weddings?

S13, E4

Boho Diva & Hot Mess Express

McKenzie’s dad might be a no-show on her big day. Symoan’s cursed wedding in jeopardy after raunchy bachelorette.

S13, E5

Hot Mess Express & Nigerian Queen

Symoan’s big day is a disaster of epic proportions; Evelyn clashes with her bride’s queens.

S13, E6

Nigerian Queen & QuackZilla

Evelyn’s two weddings spiral into chaos; Jessica’s out of control wedding pushes her to the edge.

S13, E7

Quackzilla & VCardZilla

S13, E8

VCardZilla & ControlZilla

Alex faces the consequences after a wild final night; Amber battles for ultimate control.

S13, E9

ControlZilla & UhhhZilla

Amber’s rage boils over in epic explosion; Roshonda struggles to choose between feuding parents.

S13, E10

UhhhZilla & GagZilla

Roshonda’s disastrous indecisive behavior; Veronica plans a wedding she hates, for a man she loves.

S13, E11

GagZilla & CaratZilla

Tensions are high on Veronica’s big day; Tosin’s last-minute planning has her paying the price.