Growing Up Hip Hop

The 50th anniversary of Hip Hop brings Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Treach, and Kurupt onto one stage. A new baby is coming, but not everyone thinks it’s good news. Meanwhile, a long-held secret romance is exposed, and an old rival makes a dramatic return.

S7, E1

Parents Just Don't Understand

Growing Up Hip Hop is back! Angela needs singing lessons. Layzie & Treach honor Hip Hop's 50th. Tanice faces off with her father, and JoJo tries to stay out of it. Egypt is pregnant, and Treach finally gives Sam a piece of his mind. Will Sam fold?

S7, E2

Sneak Diss

Cree confronts Briana over fiery sneak disses on social media; Sakoya suspects her Mom is not being honest and discovers a troubling secret. Tyran offers Sam support as he deals with the aftermath of meeting Treach. Twist finds himself a new crush.

S7, E3

Family Business

A pregnant Egypt goes on tour with Pepa. Tiny and Sakoya have an argument.

S7, E4

Tuck and Roll

TT and Shawn clash over their new life in LA, Vanessa gets liposuction, and Cree and Briana finally faceoff over Briana's fiery sneak disses. Meanwhile, Twist plays peacemaker, and Layzie surprises Sakoya by showing up to her skate party uninvited.

S7, E5

Secrets, Snowcones, and Scuffles

Sam switches careers from rapper to food truck owner. Cree and Briana have an explosive confrontation at Briana's party. JoJo makes an offer on a house in Los Angeles, but keeps it a secret from Tanice.

S7, E6

Mending Fences

Tee Tee decides to bury the hatchet when she learns that Egypt is pregnant. Twist turns to God to resist temptation, and tries to find his way back to an old flame. Aaliyah has had enough with Eric's gambling, and decides to do something about it.

S7, E7

Ice Buck Challenge

Jojo confronts Buck over his toxic behavior; Sakoya attempts to mend her relationship with Tiny. Egypt and Sam decide who will be invited to their wedding. Treach suspects Sam has ulterior motives for marrying Egypt. Layzie mourns his Mother.

S7, E8

Romeo, Romeo

Romeo’s return is a surprise. Tanice confronts her dad over Jojo. Sam’s case finally goes to court.

S7, E9

Bones To Pick

Romeo wants to apologize to Angela and Jojo, but they're hesitant to meet with him. Egypt continues to plan her wedding amid Sam's court case and unanswered RSVPs. Angela performs for the first time, but will her nerves get the best of her?

S7, E10

50 Years of Hip Hop

Romeo & Angela talk for the first time in years, but can their relationship be healed? Sam & Egypt celebrate their second wedding ceremony. To celebrate 50 years of Hip Hop, legends grace the stage, along with the cast, in an epic performance.