Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta

On Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, a tight-knit crew of friends will reveal the perks and perils of being born into Hip Hop royalty.

S4, E2

Georgia Impeach

Deb’s secret creates turmoil; Bow threatens to tell all about his exes.

S4, E3

Word in the Streets

Tammy and Deb clash; Waka’s caught in the crossfire. A hip hop couple face off over a musical feud.

S4, E4

Fight For Your Life

All hell breaks loose at Diamond’s album release party. Could this derail her return to music?

S4, E5

The Battle of the OGs

A physical altercation threatens Deb’s new project, but her real issue is keeping info from Brat.

S4, E6

Waka Weighs In

Bow, Brat, and Deb reach a breaking point over the EP. Deb asks Waka for help. Ayana rebuffs Ree.

S4, E7

Guns Blazing

Brat’s appalled by Bow’s new album. Shaniah and JD join forces. Ayana and Ree come to blows.

S4, E8

Call Security

Brat and Jhonni face off and tempers flare. One wild night of partying backfires on Bow.

S4, E9

Savage Love

Bow's baby rumors rock the Internet. Diamond reveals details of her explosive fight with Pimpin’.

S4, E10

Lil Bow Wow

An emergency at Deb and Brat’s EP listening party throws Jhonni into a tailspin, and chaos ensues.