Kold x Windy

Female rap duo navigates the dangers of the drill music game and the streets in Chicago.

S1, E2

What You G’on Do?

Malika reunites with an old flame; Renee is haunted by visions from her past; Shelley retaliates.

S1, E3

We Got Ops!

Temper contacts a rival; Malika’s night with Marlon is interrupted by a surprise visitor. GeGe’s business is in trouble.

S1, E4

Take It To The Grave

Shelley loses it; Malika & Renee’s wild night turns left. Detective Caine lays down the law.

S1, E5

Respect Is Everything

Shelley reveals a secret; Malika & Renee scramble to hide their tracks after a deadly ambush.

S1, E6

Ya Gotta Believe in Something

Malika gets good news but must tell a huge secret; A surprise visitor rattles everyone.

S1, E7

Ain’t No Love

Malika gears up for a stain and trouble arises; An unexpected ex returns seeking revenge.

S1, E8

It Is, What It Is

Tragedy strikes Malika & Renee; GeGe delivers shocking news that changes everything.