Life After Lockup

Chaos ensues between Gabby and Chris' family after their secret marriage. Meanwhile, a surprise guest threatens Monique's release day plans.

S5, E13

Love Is a Powerful Drug

Kerok tests Bri’s love; Louie tries to un-pause his relationship.

S5, E14

Tick Tock

A surprise visitor rattles Tayler; Louie meets Melissa's family at the BBQ; Michael's secret.

S5, E15

Smells Like Bad Decisions

Lindsey faces time; Michael's mom makes an outrageous request; Aris decides to pop up on Cam.

S5, E16

Pizza of My Heart

Joy catches Redd in a lie; Donna & Melissa join forces; Shawn gets an unexpected call.

S5, E17

Problems You Didn't Know You Had

Redd goes home; Shavel fears adoption proceedings will cause blowback.

S5, E18

Deleted but not Forgotten

Tayler’s shock discovery; Melissa fears an explosion when the families finally meet.

S5, E19

Moms Behaving Badly

Tayler confronts Chance about mystery texts; Shavel's shower explodes; Blaine confesses.

S5, E20

Shimmer Down

Kerok learns about Bri's past; Redd confesses; Shavel's mom stands her ground.

S5, E21

Games of Chance

Melissa faces the unknown; Justine's birth causes panic; Chance surprises Tayler...again.

S5, E22

Fighting Chance

Chance airs all his dirty laundry; Louie surprises Melissa; Redd begs for forgiveness.