Love After Lockup

Louie’s mother draws a line in the sand; Raneka seeks answers; A wrench is thrown in Andy’s plans.
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S5, E1

Born That Way

Asonta surprises Raneka; Kerok walks free as a man; Sharae’s marriage is a total charade.

S5, E2

Street Lies and P.I.'s

Louie’s mother draws a line in the sand; Raneka seeks answers; A wrench is thrown in Andy’s plans.

S5, E3

The 40K Felon

Melissa and Donna’s tug of war heats up; Joynomi drops 40K on her felon; Asonta finally resurfaces.

S5, E4

Dark Side of the Spoon

Louie’s mom Donna pops up on Melissa; Joynomi considers adoption with a felon she’s never m

S5, E5

Rome's Not Where The Heart Is

Raneka and her PI locate Asonta; Melissa’s date with Louie goes awry; Kerok considers top surgery.

S5, E6

Unhappy Father's Day

Bri seeks her dad’s blessing; Melissa’s jealousy spirals; Redd’s mom’s revelation shakes Joy.

S5, E7

Seeing Redd

Joy finally meets Redd after 7 years; Melissa faces a costly decision; Chelsea’s news shocks Mikey.

S5, E8

Here Comes the Lie

Sharae's secret is revealed; Redd sees an old flame; Bri and Kerok clash over priorities.

S5, E9

Escaping with Joy

Redd’s family fights to keep him home; Brittney demands Andy pay up; Louie’s surprise backfires.

S5, E10

Running from Love

Redd goes MIA with his ‘bestie’. Donna tries to marry Louie off; Brittney plots her escape.

S5, E11

The Reckoning

Joy and Redd hang in the balance; Brit exposes the truth. Legal troubles derail Chelsea’s date.

S5, E11

Onion of Lies

Raneka and Asonta reunite; Andy considers paying up; Redd’s world crumbles down.

S5, E71

Brittany & Santiba

Brittany shares her new life after Marcelino’s cheating; Santiba’s shocking confession.

S5, E72

Where Are They Now? Monique & Lizzy

Monique’s shocking confession; Lizzy reveals if she’s done dating felons after Daniel.

S5, E73

Where Are They Now? John & Kristianna, Haley

John reveals if he crossed the line with Kristianna’s sister; Haley spends $20K on inmate Dalton

S5, E74

Where Are They Now? Amber & Jessica

Amber rekindles an old flame; Jessica reveals a shocking update on her marriage to Maurice.

S5, E75

Where Are They Now? Cheryl & Kaylah

Cheryl reveals new felon; Kaylah dishes dirt on Martel & brings receipts.

S5, E76

Where Are They Now? Andrea & Mark

Andrea gets closure with Lamondre; Mark addresses his plan to get Sincer-A pregnant.

S5, E78

Where Are They Now? Best Of

Love After Lockup cast dishes on shocking secrets, wild hookups and surprising transformations.