Mama June: From Not to Hot

Newly single Mama June is back on the hunt for a new man, but the family struggles to stand by her side when June finally goes too far. Pumpkin breaks the cycle as matriarch and drops a big surprise that no one sees coming.

S5, E14

Moving On and Moving In

June’s been hiding from Geno for weeks, but finally tells him what she really thinks of him and their relationship. Mama shows up to Pumpkin’s house and the girls are furious. Pumpkin comes up with a way to get Jessica off her couch for good

S5, E15

Return to The Big Time

June and Alana get a call to be on The Masked Singer. It’s a huge opportunity for them, so Alana is not happy that June’s attention is on other things. Meanwhile, Pumpkin is worried about what’s going on in LA while trying to manage the household.

S5, E16

Sugar Mama

After June strands her at the airport, Alana says she is done. June says she is doing community service, but it’s revealed that she is spending thousands on a new boyfriend, who then proposes to someone else. Pumpkin is skeptical of Alana’s crush.

S5, E17

Sweet 16 and Mama’s Not Missed

Pumpkin plans a Covid-safe Sweet 16 for Alana, inviting only one friend, Alana’s new crush. But June, who has been traveling, crashes the party, and lies to cover up her new man. The family doesn’t want the drama that Mama is bringing to the party.

S5, E18

Sick and Tired

After finding out June is sick and has exposed them, Pumpkin and the family must deal with COVID. They are so upset, Pumpkin reaches out to Dr. Ish for help. Meanwhile, June is considering a move back to Georgia and wants to do it with Justin.

S5, E19


Dr. Ish helps the family deal with their June issues. Meanwhile, June and Justin secretly move back to Georgia to be closer to the girls. Alana goes on a date with Dralin. Pumpkin and Josh are furious when they find out June is now living close by

S5, E20

Too Little Too Late

June wants Alana to live with her and her new boyfriend, Justin. Pumpkin is livid and determined to protect Alana by getting full custody. June takes Pumpkin and Jessica on an apology trip to Vegas, where they plan to present her with custody papers.

S5, E21

What Happens in Vegas...

June pulls out all the stops for Pumpkin and Jessica in Las Vegas, taking them to a special plus size salon. Pumpkin blurts out a secret and stresses about asking June to sign papers giving her custody of Alana. Dralin and Alana get closer.

S5, E22

Battle for Alana

Pumpkin and Josh’s custody of Alana derails and Sugar Bear is forced to get involved. Pumpkin and Josh get a big shock. June and Justin go to Los Angeles to get dental and weight loss surgeries.