Mama June: From Not to Hot

June confronts Geno at his latest court date. Is she finally ready to make a clean break, or continue with their relationship?

S5, E2

Mama's Fighting Chance

June and Geno are facing one hurdle after another. With a court date looming, they’re facing several years in prison.

S5, E3

Mama's Last Resort

The girls have agreed to meet with Mama June, but an unwanted Geno threatens it all.

S5, E4

The Reunion

Emotions run high when June reunites with her girls. But, there’s one confession that could send this family over the edge.

S5, E6

The Visit

The family's hope for a happy future is in jeopardy when Alana struggles to forgive Geno for the past.

S5, E7

No Place Like Home

All season long, June has been sugarcoating reality. However, she’ll soon come face-to-face with the bitter truth.

S5, E8

Mama's Lying

June gets a major wake-up call when she faces jail time, putting her relationship with the girls back in jeopardy.

S5, E9

Another Pumpkin in the Oven

Ella is about to turn three! As the family plans for her birthday, will a party crasher ruin the fun?

S5, E10

Ella's Birthday Blow Up

Jennifer drops a bombshell on the family. Could this derail all of their progress?

S5, E11

Mama's Scared Straight!

June is in denial about possible jail time, but she’ll face reality when she gets ambushed by the police!

S5, E12

Mama's Verdict

June’s day in court ends with a shocking verdict that no one saw coming.