Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition

After a suspicious substance is discovered, one couple is forced to leave Boot Camp. Lie detector day brings uncertainty to the house.

S17, E1

Welcome to Boot Camp

Hip Hop Edition is back with the four most wild couples Boot Camp has ever assembled. Dr. Ish and Judge Toler will try to mend these broken relationships. Will they lean in to the process or will they let it break them?

S17, E2

That's A Rap

It’s rap battle day! The couples rap about what they resent about one another. Things get even spicier, when they are forced to eat their pain. But when the boot campers refused to show up, Judge Toler is ready to drop down the law.

S17, E3

Poison Envy

Jealousy is lit when Dr. Ish has the Boot Campers swap romantic partners for the day to perform a sexy dance. A1 is caught in the middle when Lyrica and K Michelle’s past feud resurfaces, and Boo shows a side that no one expects.

S17, E4

All Shook Up

The couples must learn to fight fair, but when Lyrica and A1 try to switch up the game, everybody pays a shocking price. Emmet gets heated when Boo crosses the line with his family. K Michelle puts her foot down on having a new baby.

S17, E5

Fail to Communicate

Couples battle communication. A1 & Lyrica bend the rules, frustrating their fellow boot campers. K. Michelle & Lyrica reignite an old feud with an explosive fight that rocks the house. Mariahlynn shares a painful past. Boo & Emmet lose patience.

S17, E6

50 Shades of K

It’s sex day and the couples talk about their issues. Old beef between Lyrica and K. Michelle erupts once again. Rich admits his true feelings about Mariah. Judge Toler’s powerful evaluation makes K. Michelle rethink her issues with Lyrica.

S17, E7


Tensions boil over between K. Michelle and Lyrica, as the couples learn how words can damage a relationship. Ish and the Judge have some big surprises in store that will teach everyone the true meaning of respect.

S17, E8

Hard Knock Life

The Boot Campers must face their past childhood demons to break the cycle. A1’s dark tale brings clarity, Lyrica faces the death of her twin, and Rich & Mariahlynn finally have a breakthrough.