Super Sized Salon

Size matters! Babydoll Beauty is put to the test when challenges threaten the mission of the salon.
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S1, E2

One Big Blowout

Tensions are high as equipment issues, Jamie's absence, and a blow out between A-Love and BB divides the team. When life of the party, salon receptionist Astra shows up, she changes the vibe from heated to glitter and good times.

S1, E3

Lurkin' On the Low (Gonna Get DeMarco)

Jamie grows increasingly suspicious of Demarco and devises a plan with the girls to catch him cheating. Trouble between the Twins comes to a head over collard greens, and everyone is left wondering if Babydoll can succeed amidst all the drama!

S1, E4

Mama June in the House

The heat is on when Mama June, Pumpkin and Jessica come in for full glam makeovers. Sparks fly when A Love and 007 take things outside, and Jamie is thrown under the bus trying to fix it.

S1, E5

He's A Dog

When Jamie discovers dirty text messages on Demarco's phone, a dose of tough love from the ladies pushes Jamie to make a big decision. As pressure to break off their relationship mounts, a psychic gives Jamie a reading that could change everything.

S1, E6

Breaking the Stereotype

Lardi B and Amanda LaCount are in the house! The team’s excitement about the success of the salon is disrupted when Jamie reveals a shocking plan. Sparks fly between BB and the dolls over a "revenge situation".

S1, E7

Pain into Power

The Babydolls all stand together in support of Jamie when she finally stands up to DeMarco. Just as things are looking up, shocking news disrupts the team, leading to a decision that may change the future of Babydoll forever.