Waka & Tammy

Hip hop’s iconic sweethearts Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera navigate the challenges of married life; meddling in-laws, raising a teenage daughter, remodeling their home, and building Tammy’s bustling music career.
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S3, E2

Separation is Getting a New Perspective

Post-breakup, Waka searches for a new home and immerses himself in his business ventures. Tammy worries about Charlie's personal safety and talks about the separation with Quam. Charlie reconnects with Deb and shares her anxieties with a therapist

S3, E3

Separation is Co-Parenting

Waka and Tammy find it difficult to co-parent, and can’t seem to get on the same page. Charlie tries to become her own person. Tammy gets ready for a girls' night out.

S3, E4

Separation is Extended Family Dynamics

Tammy and Waka struggle on coparenting a confused and unsure Charlie. Tammy has to face entrepreneur challenges and an upset Deb.

S3, E5

Separation is Compromising

Things get heated when Waka and Tammy need to compromise about buying Charlie her first car. Waka hires a vegan chef to persuade the family to start eating healthier. Tammy speaks with Charlie’s therapist.

S3, E6

Separation is Filling in the Emptiness

Despite his misgivings about therapy, Waka follows through with a session on his path toward self-discovery and closure. Tammy’s grand opening is threatened by delays and cost overruns, while Charlie flirts with the idea of launching her own podcast

S3, E7

Separation is Finding a New Normal

While Tammy focuses on her store opening, Waka keeps his distance and mind on his own work as Charlie tries to follow in her parents entrepreneurial footsteps

S3, E8


Waka and Tammy call it quits. Tammy takes the girls to New Orleans as Waka steps out to a new life on the road. Tammy takes a more spiritual path and helps Charlie find her true calling in life.