A Toast to Life: Unbeetable

The mid-season finale of Life After Lockup is here and more drama-filled than ever! Lamar and Andrea continue to butt heads over their children's upbringing on the day of Priscilla's baptism. Elsewhere, Michael makes it to his daughter's birthday party, but his enthusiasm doesn't last very long. Meanwhile, Brittany and her sister navigate how to move forward while leaving their mother behind. And, as Tony fights to win Angela back, Lacey and Shane get some stunning news about the future of their family. Be sure to tune in to the mid-season finale with this "Unbeetable" cocktail in hand!

Recipe: Unbeetable

1 Serving


  • 1 oz. Love Beets beet with ginger juice
  • 1 oz. freshly squeezed tangerine juice
  • 1 bottle Champagne
  • Raw sugar, for rim


Dip rim of glass in honey followed by sugar. Pour tangerine juice in each glass. Add in beet juice. Fill each glass the rest of the way with Champagne.

Sip on this "Unbeetable" cocktail while watching the mid-season finale of Life After Lockup! And, make sure to follow #LifeAfterLockup on Instagram and Snapchat!