Ayana Reveals How She Came Out to her Parents

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta star Ayana Fite has a message for straight men wanting to change her. Opening up to Rolling Out Magazine, Ayana spoke about setting the men straight and how she came out to her parents.


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“Guys are always in my DM telling me about their muscles, their height and all their masculine characteristics and they have no idea that those things turn me off because I like women not men. Those are characteristics that straight women like in men, but they actually turn me off because I’m not straight,” Fite said.

She added that men tend to objectify women without paying attention to their sexual orientation. She continued,

“I was born gay.”

The daughter of DJ Hurricane says she came out to her parents after she graduated. She says it was difficult growing up knowing she was different from her peers, so she tried dating guys in an effort to fit in. Ayana says her parents were supportive of her when she decided to tell them in a unique way.

“I texted both of my parents that I was gay after I was living on my own,” she revealed.

Ayana shared that her dad, DJ Hurricane wasn’t upset when he received news.

Ayana has been with her girlfriend Amy for three years and WE have seen their ups and downs as a couple on #GUHHATL. Ayana says she hopes other young gay couples that are watching them on the show are encouraged seeing their relationship get stronger.

WE hope it continues to stay strong and we'll be watching! Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Thursday at 9/8c.