'Braxton Family Values' Holiday Gift Guide

Get into the holiday spirit — Braxton style!


The Braxton sisters know how to bring their personalities, style and grace to any occasion, and the holidays are no exception. With the festive season quickly approaching, the stress of buying presents for your friends and family might be ready to topple onto your shoulders. But, no need to fear: our Braxton Family Values Holiday Gift Guide has got you covered! With presents picked specifically for your sweet and bougie loved ones, WE have taken a few lessons out of the Braxtons' book to find gifts with the perfect balance of sass and class!


Nothing says "bougie" more than walking around your home in a cozy spa bathrobe, especially when it's been made just for  you! This  Customizable Luxury Fleece Robe in Ivory  is the perfect gift for  someone who loves   to lounge around their home with a glass of wine in hand! | $60.99


Now, if you really want to make someone feel like the boss of the block, this Kimono Robe (made of polyester satin) is the perfect accessory for any occasion! Light, cozy and elegant, this robe will make anyone feel like royalty! | $29.99


Everyone knows matching pajamas for the family are a necessity for the holidays, and this Personalized Christmas Set is the perfect way to get everyone into the holiday spirit! With a wide array of  options  (from the traditional pajama sets,  to a onesie for infants,  and a bandana for your pets), Blue Suede Stitches has it all and your crew  can be #famgoals  on Christmas morning! | $20.95+


Getting your home into the holiday spirit is  essential when this time of the year arrives. Which is  why  these holiday throw pillows are the perfect gift! For those who spend this time of the year spinning dreidels as they celebrate Hanukkah, this   'OY to the World' Chanukah Throw Pillow  ($34.50) will guarantee laughter and joy for all eight nights. Meanwhile, this  'There's Some Ho's In This House' Christmas Pillow  ($24.99) is sure to bring lots of laughs and cheer!


For those who enjoy sparkles and sassy puns, this adorable  'Santa's Favorite Ho' Stemless Wine Glass  is the perfect gift for your  humorous  bestie! Made with care and a waterproof seal, these glasses are made to last so the glitter won't come off.$12


If you're stressed about finding gifts for your friends who light the menorah and dance the hora, then look no further! These  Funny Hanukkah Insulated Wine Glass  are the perfect presents to make  those close to you  laugh and get excited for the holiday! You can choose between a stemmed or stemless  glass and  pick a phrase that you feel best fits the recipient. From "It's about to get lit" to "Happy Challah  Days!," you can't go wrong! | $7.99


Finding accessories for holiday occasions can be such a hassle, but these African Continent Shaped Earrings are just right for anyone celebrating Kwanzaa! The holiday is all about honoring the culture and embracing pride in African heritage. These earrings are a beautiful way for your friends and family to show that appreciation. Plus, you can choose between different sizes and earring styles! | $20.90+


The Christmas tree is one of the key components to kicking off the holiday season, and ornaments play a major part in making the moment special. Low and behold, WE have got the perfect ornament for the wine enthusiasts in your life. This beautiful and sparkly  “I’m Dreaming of a Wine Christmas” Ornament  is an everlasting cheeky gift that will only add more character to the tree. | $8


While we are living in strange times, the holiday season gives you the perfect opportunity to gift these hilarious and cute  Elf Group Face MasksBest of all, you can personalize  the  elves  for your entire crew.  This is a gift that will boost holiday spirits and keep everyone safe! | $10.99


Looking for a silly, yet adorable gift for any of the single ladies in your life? Well look no further, because WE got you covered! This 'All the Jingle Ladies' Christmas Sweater is the perfect attire for your loved one to wear to any Christmas festivities! An added bonus: you or the recipient can put the faces of their favorite gals onto the three elves on the sweater! | $14.99


For those celebrating Kwanzaa, these Countdown Blocks will get everyone excited for the holiday! It is tradition to decorate one's home in black, red and green, so these blocks will look beautiful amongst the decor! | $33+


Whether for decoration or for storing giftspersonalized Christmas stockings always add a nice touch. So, why not give a special someone this   'Boujee  AF' Christmas Stocking to show how magnificent they are! Available in a variety of colors, this is the perfect gift for the people in your life that can make anything and everything a luxurious experience!$18


WE can all agree, 2020 has been  roughSo, help yourself and your loved ones leave all the negativity of this year behind. Say hello to 2021 with this Goodbye 2020 Holiday Quarantine Kit! The gift box comes with all of the essentials for a relaxing spa session, including aromatherapy mist, bath salts, face masks and more! | $44

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