Here Comes the Bridezilla: Alex


Name: Alex | Age: 26 | City: Atlanta, Georgia

Occupation: Financial advisor

Favorite Hobby: Rollerblading

Favorite Quote: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

Guiltiest Pleasure: Watching pimple-popping videos

Favorite Movie: Gone With The Wind

In 5 Years I See Myself: Owning my own home and starting a family.

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One major conflict I had during my episode was with my home church. They wanted us to have a traditional wedding, which did not line up with my two “bridesmen.” Bridesmen is a word I made up, which stands for two of my closest friends who are males. This all came to light the morning of my wedding. There were some things I wish I hadn’t said because I love my church and my leaders and would never want them shown in a negative light. Overall, I think I handled it well and respectfully.

The other major conflict I had was with my father not approving of my marriage to Craig. He decided to voice his concerns close to the wedding and threatened to not walk me down the aisle, or not even attend the wedding at all. Walking down the aisle without my father, or him not being at my wedding was unfathomable. Even now, I tear up at the thought. He was being so stubborn and difficult the week of my wedding, the most important week of my life. I couldn’t believe him. All I wanted was for him to support me and be happy for me. It devastated me that I wasn’t making my father proud. I handled it by crying, praying, and hoping that he had a change of heart.

During the episode, I learned that I am very capable of adapting. I spent months planning my wedding to a ‘T’ and had to do a lot of last-minute changes. I handled the adjustments well, if I do say so myself. Not only did I adjust to the changes, I was still fully confident that my wedding was going to be beautiful and flawless. The girls' night scene was funny and very entertaining to watch. My reaction to the stripper was hilarious. That was my first time ever seeing a male stripper and I was terrified. The day before the wedding, I bought a fur coat to wear with my wedding dress that Craig made me return the day after the wedding.

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