A Toast to Life: Egging Me On

On this week's episode of Life After Lockup, our couples are being pushed to their limits! Fed up with Scott's invasion of her privacy, Lindsey does some digging of her own, and ends up finding more than she bargained for. Elsewhere, Priscilla struggles to keep Lamar's secret, and after a missed court date, Sarah is unsure of what to do with Michael. Meanwhile, Brittany and Marcelino are at odds over helping her mom, and John wants answers from Lacey. Enjoy an all-new episode while sipping on this "Egging Me On" cocktail!

Recipe: Egging Me On

1 Serving


  • 4 oz. pre-made eggnog
  • 1 oz. dark rum
  • 1 oz. white chocolate liqueur
  • Vanilla frosting
  • Sprinkles

Directions: Coat rim of glass with a thin layer of frosting. Dip rim into sprinkles of your choosing and set aside. In a cocktail shaker, add eggnog, dark rum, and white chocolate liqueur. Shake until mixed. Pour into glass and enjoy this festive treat!

Sip on this "Egging Me On" cocktail while watching an all-new episode of Life After Lockup (9|8c)! And, make sure to follow #LifeAfterLockup on Instagram and Snapchat!