Brat Loves Judy

Will Brat and Judy be able to prioritize the baby while balancing their marriage and work?

S3, E1


Brat and Judy struggle in their IVF journey. Judy tries to convince Brat to celebrate Halloween.

S3, E2

I'm Gonna Pop Off

Brat and Bella have it out. Judy, Brat and kids adjust. Brat and Judy collaborate on a line.

S3, E3

Where's Jordan?

Brat & Judy seek a work life balance, and during a videoshoot they learn Jordan has gone missing.

S3, E4

Babies and Felonies

Brat and Judy try again for a baby with another embryo transfer. Jordan's life is forever changed.

S3, E5

Parental Pressures

Brat and Judy await IVF news. Brat and Bella interview assistants. Jordan’s future is uncertain.

S3, E6

When It Rains, It Pours

Warehouse flood signals rocky start for Kaleidoscope retreat. Brat taps into her resources to strengthen her social media presence. Latissue finds herself at a major crossroads between career and family.

S3, E7

A Best Friend, A Book And A Baby

Brat and Judy discover the dangers of a mature pregnancy. Judy presses Brat to write a book, to generate more income, which sparks conflict about Brat working after giving birth. Judy and Latissue discuss if there is a way for her to stay in Atlanta.

S3, E8

Runaway Brat

Brat is nervous about giving birth so Judy surprises her with a Lamaze class. Brat & Judy's ongoing argument over Jordan reaches its boiling point. Brat calls together her team to expand their empire.

S3, E9

Big Announcements

Brat and Judy reveal their pregnancy to family and friends at dinner. Brat strategically tells LisaRaye first to avoid drama. Latissue is caught between her family and her friend when her husband insists she has to quit Kaleidoscope in 90 days.

S3, E10

Tell the World

Brat and Judy reveal their pregnancy to the world on Sherri and in People Mag. They work with a designer on the nursery and get advice from Badoula. At the gender reveal party they find out the gender but not before Latissue makes a major decision.

S3, E11

Special Delivery!

As Brat and Judy juggle their new life with Baby True, they must decide if they will hire a nanny.

S3, E12

Team No Sleep

As Brat returns to work, she struggles with being away from True for a couple hours.

S3, E13

A Star is Born

Brat and Judy juggle parenting and work, and Judy orchestrates a grand Kaleidoscope shoot.

S3, E14

It Takes a Village

Brat’s mom shows up unexpectedly. Brat & Judy go to D.C. Judy plans big surprise for LaTissue.

S3, E15

Baby True's Chapter

Brat & Judy prepare for True's Christening. Lattissue gives her answer on Judy's huge house gift.