Innocent After Lockup

Follow three exonerees who were falsely accused and incarcerated for crimes they did not commit.

S5, E83

Innocent After Lockup: Taron

Taron fights for compensation after a wrongful conviction. Taron reconnects with his daughter who he was separated from for over a decade during his unjust incarceration. Taron faces his brother. Taron happily welcomes his daughter, Justice.

S5, E84

Innocent After Lockup: Calvin

Calvin finally receives financial compensation for his unjust incarceration. Calvin revisits his old Bronx neighborhood and the scene of the crime he did not commit. Calvin purchases his dream home and is ready for his fresh start in Texas.

S5, E85

Innocent After Lockup: Ru-El

Ru-El heads to court as he fights for justice after his wrongful conviction. Family and friends gather to support him as the court extends him a sincere apology. Ru-El continues his journey for financial compensation for his unjust incarceration.