Love After Lockup

Louie’s mother draws a line in the sand; Raneka seeks answers; A wrench is thrown in Andy’s plans.
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S5, E1

Born That Way

Asonta surprises Raneka; Kerok walks free as a man; Sharae’s marriage is a total charade.

S5, E2

Street Lies and P.I.'s

Louie’s mother draws a line in the sand; Raneka seeks answers; A wrench is thrown in Andy’s plans.

S5, E3

The 40K Felon

Melissa and Donna’s tug of war heats up; Joynomi drops 40K on her felon; Asonta finally resurfaces.

S5, E4

Dark Side of the Spoon

Louie’s mom Donna pops up on Melissa; Joynomi considers adoption with a felon she’s never m

S5, E5

Rome's Not Where The Heart Is

Raneka and her PI locate Asonta; Melissa’s date with Louie goes awry; Kerok considers top surgery.

S5, E6

Unhappy Father's Day

Bri seeks her dad’s blessing; Melissa’s jealousy spirals; Redd’s mom’s revelation shakes Joy.

S5, E7

Seeing Redd

Joy finally meets Redd after 7 years; Melissa faces a costly decision; Chelsea’s news shocks Mikey.

S5, E8

Here Comes the Lie

Sharae's secret is revealed; Redd sees an old flame; Bri and Kerok clash over priorities.

S5, E9

Escaping with Joy

Redd’s family fights to keep him home; Brittney demands Andy pay up; Louie’s surprise backfires.

S5, E10

Running from Love

Redd goes MIA with his ‘bestie’. Donna tries to marry Louie off; Brittney plots her escape.

S5, E11

Onion of Lies

Raneka and Asonta reunite; Andy considers paying up; Redd’s world crumbles down.

S5, E11

The Reckoning

Joy and Redd hang in the balance; Brit exposes the truth. Legal troubles derail Chelsea’s date.

S5, E71

Brittany & Santiba

Brittany shares her new life after Marcelino’s cheating; Santiba’s shocking confession.

S5, E72

Where Are They Now? Monique & Lizzy

Monique’s shocking confession; Lizzy reveals if she’s done dating felons after Daniel.

S5, E73

Where Are They Now? John & Kristianna, Haley

John reveals if he crossed the line with Kristianna’s sister; Haley spends $20K on inmate Dalton

S5, E74

Where Are They Now? Amber & Jessica

Amber rekindles an old flame; Jessica reveals a shocking update on her marriage to Maurice.

S5, E75

Where Are They Now? Cheryl & Kaylah

Cheryl reveals new felon; Kaylah dishes dirt on Martel & brings receipts.

S5, E76

Where Are They Now? Andrea & Mark

Andrea gets closure with Lamondre; Mark addresses his plan to get Sincer-A pregnant.

S5, E77

Where Are They Now? Lisa, Lacey & Antoine

Lisa drops a bombshell on Stan; Lacey and Antoine fight for their relationship after a big loss.

S5, E78

Where Are They Now? Best Of

Love After Lockup cast dishes on shocking secrets, wild hookups and surprising transformations.

S5, E79

Where Are They Now? Repeat Offenders

Tai, Glorietta, Cheryl, John & more spill on past relationships and love lessons dating an inmate.

S5, E80

Where Are They Now? Cheaters

Love After Lockup cast reveals red flags and juicy tips and tricks on how to spot a cheater!