Love After Lockup

Couples finally meet their fiancé upon prison release. Will their love survive after lockup on the rocky road to the altar?

S3, E2

Bad at Being Good

Shavel stunned by Quaylon’s lies; Jessica’s release day meltdown; Shawn comes clean to his family

S3, E3

Date with Destinie

Shavel breaks down; Shawn comes face to face with Destinie, John’s wedding plans rattle Kristianna.

S3, E4

Liar Liar

Scott’s desperate search for Lindsey; Kristianna’s race against time; Shawn gets caught in lie.

S3, E5

Roses on the Bed

Maurice‘s emotional reunion with daughter; Quaylon’s torn between mom & Shavel; Destinie’s secret.

S3, E6

A Gamble in the Desert

Destinie is tempted by Sin City; A phone call spoils Tyrice’s plans; Maurice makes a risky move.

S3, E7

Denied & Declined

Destinie shops for more than just furniture; Shavel’s extravagant present upsets her family.

S3, E8

Love Don't Cost a Ring

John and Kristianna sneak around; Shawn faces Destinie’s wrath; Scott gets shocking news.

S3, E16

Bubble Trouble

Destinie faces a harsh reality; Fugitive Kristianna puts her family in legal jeopardy.

S3, E15

Cuffing Season

Lindsey tries to break out of her trap; Tyrice gets some answers; Dylan faces his parole officer.

S3, E17

Two Body Bags

Lindsey gets a visitor from her past; Quaylon is tempted; Dylan turns to another woman.

S3, E18

99 Problems and an Ex is One

Shavel issues an ultimatum; Kristianna’s heartbreaking choice; Shawn chooses a side.

S3, E36

Sugar Daddy or Boyfriend?

Josh is a “reborn virgin” at his release; Lisa shocks Stan with big request; Britney’s confession.

S3, E37

Freak in the Sheets

Britney panics at Ray’s release; Lisa’s surprising confession stuns Stan; Daonte’s sex-pectations.

S3, E39

Third Time's The Charm?

Nicolle’s scandalous secret; Stan loses it on Lisa; Anissa fears Jeff may not show up again.

S3, E40

The Halfway Handoff

Doug’s family feud risks parole; Britney is stunned when she’s not the only woman at Ray’s release. (99)

S3, E41

Sex Dolls & Booty Calls

Stan and Lisa are once again at odds. But, things get even riskier when the cops are involved.

S3, E42

Walk of Shame

Daonte loses it when he catches Nicolle with her ex; Former prison guard confronts inmate lover.

S3, E43

Can't Buy Me Love

Nicolle’s risky night out; Doug surprises Rachel; Brittany gets grilled; Jeff’s spending spree.

S3, E44

Secret Cell-Mates

Lisa snoops on Stan; Daonte faces Nicolle’s ex; Jeff snaps when he uncovers Anissa’s secret.