Love After Lockup

Couples meet felon fiancés at release. On the road to the altar, is it true love or just a con?

S4, E32

Married At Release

Gabby plans a secret wedding; Justine meets her hubby for the first-time outside prison walls.

S4, E33

Sex, Lies, & Prison Wives

Monique clashes with Derek’s sisters at his release; Michael’s tearful family reunion.

S4, E34

Ditched & Dismissed

Justine & Michael’s mom get heated; Nathan shocks Skylar at her release.

S4, E35

Felons 4 Life

A mysterious car chase threatens Monique & Derek; Skylar fears the worst when Nathan goes M.I.A.

S4, E36

Car Chase From Hell

Monique & Derek are followed on a wild car chase; Chris discovers Gabby’s secret.

S4, E37

Red Flag After Red Flag

Ashley’s world gets flipped upside-down; Derek makes a secret call to an old flame

S4, E38

Ticking Time Bombs

Nathan & Skylar go missing; Derek comes clean to his brothers while ghosting Monique.

S4, E39

Drunk In Love

Monique snoops on Derek; Justine’s confession stuns her mom; Ashley spirals out of control.

S4, E40

Wedding Rings & Secret Flings

Monique & Derek get ambushed; Michael’s mom makes a shocking claim; Ashley reveals surprising news.

S4, E71

Where Are They Now? Stan & Tai

Tai reveals a new romance after her breakup with Hottie; Stan’s shocking update on Lisa

S4, E72

Where Are They Now? Chazz & Glorietta

Glorietta reveals her revenge body; Chazz spills on his divorce; Alex’s shocking love life update.

S4, E73

Where Are They Now? Shavel & Quaylon

Shavel reveals shocking relationship update; Quaylon rebuilds after a devastating event

S4, E74

Where Are They Now? Megan & Sarah

Megan & Sarah spill shocking secrets on their romance with Michael and their fiery feud.

S4, E75

Where Are They Now? Britney & Ray, Caitlin

Caitlin spills secrets on her romance with Matt; Britney & Ray reveal big news.

S4, E76

Where Are They Now? Lizzie & Jessica

Lizzie’s prison scam secrets; Prison nurse’s romance takes shocking turn after inmate’s release.

S4, E77

Where Are They Now? Kevin & Indie

Indie’s shocking update on Harry; Kevin & Indie spill details on their wild night together.