Love After Lockup

Couples finally meet their fiancé upon prison release. Will their love survive after lockup on the rocky road to the altar?

S4, E2

P.O. Problems

Harry gets a shocking call from his parole officer. Tayler meets Chance for the first time outside prison walls. Rick is blindsided about Raydean’s release. Kaylah awaits Martel’s release, but she’s keeping a secret. Kevin’s ex strikes again.

S4, E3

Don't Track Me

Kevin has major doubts about Tiffany when she changes her release day plan. Rick discovers Raydean’s surprising secret. Harry’s revelation stuns his friend. Kaylah wants to track Martel. Chance clashes with Tayler’s sister.

S4, E4

Rule Breakers & Love Makers

Kevin is stunned when he’s not the only man at Tiffany’s release. Rick fears he’s being played. Harry’s in trouble when the cops pull him over. Tayler makes a shocking discovery about Chance. Kaylah and Martel’s reunion goes left.

S4, E5

Get Right or Get Left

Chaos erupts when Kevin & Kurtis face off at Tiffany’s release. Chazz plans fifth marriage to an inmate. Harry reunites with his daughter and baby mama. Lacey picks up Antoine, but tensions flare. Chance sends Tayler’s sister storming off.

S4, E6

Ex-tra Stress

Indie’s date with Harry takes a shocking turn. Chazz is bummed when Branwin’s ex shows up to her release. Kevin’s torn between Tiffany and Kayla. Rick and Raydean are at odds over her prison girlfriend. Antoine’s mom sours his reunion with Lacey.

S4, E7

What Are You Hiding?

Branwin marries Chazz on her release day. Tiffany catches Kevin red-handed. Tayler gets an unexpected call putting pressure on Chance. Rick fears Raydean is hiding something. Lacey takes Antoine car shopping, but has reservations.

S4, E8

Deny, Deny, Deny

Tayler’s unexpected crisis sends Chance into a meltdown. Branwin reaches out to an ex on her wedding day. Indie confronts Harry about his other woman. Raydean drops a bombshell. Antoine catches Lacey in a lie.

S4, E9

What’s Love Gotta Do With It?

Harry’s stunned when Indie’s bountyhunter mom pulls up on him. Branwin’s daughter is suspicious of Chazz. Tayler’s sister returns and faces off with Chance. Antoine reunites with Lacey’s frenemy, his mother. Raydean and Ramona argue over Rick.

S4, E10

The Home Wrecker & the Nervous Wreck

Raydean drops a bombshell on Rick. Lacey confronts Antoine about cheating accusations. Kevin wants an answer from Tiffany. Chance puts his heart on the line. Indie is faced with a big decision. Branwin has a breakdown. Martel keeps a secret.