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Love During Lockup

Chris spends $1M on Jade from prison; Kerok’s family spies on Britney; Latisha confronts Keith.

S4, E2

Secret Prison Wedding

Justine’s secret prison wedding is revealed to her felon fiance’s family. A prison nurse falls for an inmate. Tai’s cousin drops a bombshell. Chelsea receives shocking news about Mikey. Mark preps for his first video visit with Sincer-A.

S4, E3

Til Death Do Us Part

Tai confronts Keoka about her fiancé, Hottie. Melissa risks all to meet high school crush Louie. Emily gets a suspicious call asking for money. Chelsea fears Mikey is lying. Justine gets ready for her prison wedding, but is his family on board?

S4, E4

Where There's Smoke...

Michael’s surprise wedding gift for Justine raises doubts. Louie’s mom drops a bombshell on Melissa. Sincer-A is shocked by Mark’s plan to get her out of prison. Emily clashes with Dauri’s ex-bunkie. Chelsea’s dad warns her about Mikey.

S4, E5


Tai confronts Boston about Hottie’s double-crossing proposals. Melissa suspects Louie is cheating and faces the mystery woman. Jessica learns disturbing news about Dustin. Chelsea is surprised when she meets Mikey’s mom.

S4, E6

Jail Bait & Switch

Tai confronts Hottie about his other fiancée. Michael’s sister drops a bomb on Justine. Emily gives Dauri an ultimatum. Jessica is shocked by Dustin’s revelation. Chelsea visits a lawyer to uncover the truth about Mikey.

S4, E7

Ride or Die?

Michael loses it on Justine when she reveals a secret. Melissa visits Louie and is blindsided by the reality of dating an inmate. Jessica breaks down in tears when her daughter makes a difficult choice. Dauri’s ex-bunkie questions Emily’s loyalty.

S4, E8

Love Obsessed

Justine has doubts before Michael’s release. Jessica gets devastating news about Dustin. Louie’s mom lays down the law. Mark has a big announcement. Tai seeks spiritual guidance. Chelsea visits Mikey and his secret is revealed.

S4, E51

Jail Talk

Ex-cop Andy dates inmate; Jade’s prison hubby sends her $12K a month; Raneka drops a bomb on dad.

S4, E52

The Million Dollar Fantasy

Chris spends $1M on Jade from prison; Kerok’s family spies on Britney; Latisha confronts Keith.

S4, E53

Once a Criminal

Andy spirals out of control; Latisha’s lawyer gives a shocking warning about her prison hubby.

S4, E54

You're the Inmate!

Jade gets grilled by in-laws; Raneka confronts Asonta; Savannah hatches a plan to get Jake out.

S4, E55

Spies & Lies

Raneka loses it when Asonta’s release is in jeopardy; EB spies on Britney; Savannah gets ditched.

S4, E56

Got You a User?

Raneka panics when she gets shocking news about Asonta’s release; Jake's confession stuns Savannah.

S4, E57

Bonded for Life

Asonta’s release is at risk; Keith confronts Latisha about $15G’s missing; Jade visits Chris.

S4, E58

Are You His Auntie

Raneka must come up with $3K for Asonta’s release; Savannah risks all with a prison proposal.