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Mama June: From Not to Hot

Anna’s health takes a turn for the worst. June faces a custody battle and ultimatum from Alana.

S6, E1

Family Crisis: June's Big Secrets

Pumpkin and Josh welcome twins. June starts wedding planning, but is rushed to the hospital.

S6, E2

Family Crisis: Mama to Mama

June’s diagnosis is revealed. Alana makes a healthy family meal and Jess brings a surprise guest.

S6, E3

Family Crisis: Bridal Shower Showdown

Alana learns to drive. The girls refuse to attend June’s shower, so she invites a secret guest.

S6, E4

Family Crisis: Knock Down Drag Out

June craves reconnection with girls, Jessica’s coming out party. Alana learns the value of money.

S6, E5

Family Crisis: Meet And Not So Greet

June makes an unexpected entrance. Alana enlists her fans to get glammed for senior photos.

S6, E6

Family Crisis: No Forgiveness Given

The girls refuse to forgive June. Justin reconsiders the wedding. Pumpkin is concerned about Alana.

S6, E7

Family Crisis: Mama's Last Chance

June reaches out to Dr. Ish to fix the family; Pumpkin and Alana are at odds over her college plans.

S6, E8

Family Crisis: Therapy Weekend

June and the girls work on their relationship with Dr. Ish. Doe Doe and June discuss past trauma.

S6, E9

Family Crisis: If Josh Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy

June damages her progress with the girls, and tries a new way to make amends. Alana asks for help.

S6, E10

Family Crisis: June-Zilla

June has her dream wedding, Alana gets into her dream college, but bad news may ruin everything.

S6, E11

Family Crisis: Wedding Vows & Caps and Gowns

The family throws Anna a wedding before she starts chemo. Alana graduates with an unclear future.

S6, E12

Family Crisis: Reality Sets In

Alana deals with family pressure about college. Pumpkin fears Anna is not facing reality.

S6, E13

Family Crisis: School Daze

Alana is faced with a big decision and Pumpkin intervenes. Anna's health concerns June and Pumpkin.

S6, E14

Family Crisis: To Go Or Not To Go

A big move puts June and Justin at odds. Dralin's legal issues may threaten Alana's future.

S6, E15

Family Crisis: More Money, More Problems

Alana makes a decision about college that leads to a big question for June. Doe Doe confronts June.

S6, E16

Family Crisis: Rocky Mountain High...Prices

Alana asks June for help with college. Pumpkin & Josh take Alana to Colorado to figure things out.

S6, E17

Family Crisis: You Dirty Dog

June's puts her relationship with the girls in jeopardy when a shocking truth is unravelled.

S6, E18

Family Crisis: Mama Dearest

Alana has a going away dinner. June and Justin's marriage is at risk.

S6, E19

Family Crisis: Hitting the Road

Alana & Dralin move to Colorado. Pumpkin reassures June won't get away with stealing Alana's money.

S6, E20

Family Crisis: Birthday Shenanigans

Alana makes an unexpected trip home. Pumpkin digs up dirt on June that can finally expose her lies.

S6, E22

Family Crisis: Coming to Terms

June is shocked by Anna's wishes. Alana & Dralin rush to court. Pumpkin plans a family party.

S6, E91

Mama Memorial Day Special

June and Justin reflect on the season revealing new secrets, more chaos, and more drama.