Toya & Reginae

Online sensations Toya Rushing and Reginae Carter reveal their truth and lives off social media.

S1, E1

Life Off The Gram

Toya seeks to reconcile with her sister Beedy and strives to unite her family together to resolve issues. Reginae plans LA move with her boyfriend Armon but a communication glitch strains their relationship. Beedy explains her unusual love life.

S1, E2

Birthday Brawl

Things go way left with the family when an uninvited guest shows up at Ms. Anita's birthday party. Reginae reveals the truth about the allegations and is heartbroken over Armon. Beedy shares a shocking update with Toya about her love life.

S1, E3

Family on the Edge

Toya has an emotional breakdown over her unresolved issues with Beedy and Casey. Reginae questions whether she and Armon can figure out their issues and reunite. Beedy faces Toya and Reginae for the first time since the birthday party drama.

S1, E4

Social Media Meltdown

Reginae and Armon finally reunite for a fun date. Toya throws a party for Danielle and learns Reginae has been keeping a secret. Toya tricks Ms. Anita into visiting the Doctor. Beedy moves in with Toya. Reginae is terrified after a home invasion.

S1, E5

Secrets & Games

Toya is shocked that Red wants another baby. Reginae visits her dad in LA. Danielle helps Red keep a secret from Toya. Toya and Casey finally confront their issues. Toya's couples game night reveals some shocking truths.

S1, E6

In Search of Ms. Anita

Toya receives news from doctor that could have a major impact on her and Red's relationship. Reginae prepares to move away for good. Ms. Anita is missing, but when they find her, it leads to an unexpected family blowout leaving Toya devastated.