On an all-new episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, our Boot Campers will face the truth when a lie detector test exposes the couples’ true feelings. Meanwhile, an accusation from Joseline causes Balistic to break down. On Waka & Tammy, the aftermath of an intense couples therapy session causes Tammy to leave town. As Waka attempts to save his marriage, Deb and Mona’s tough love only adds to the stress. Toast to these new episodes with this “Just Chillin'” cocktail!

Recipe: Just Chillin’

2 Servings



In a cocktail shaker, muddle the basil leaves with the lemon juice and simple syrup. Add ice and gin and shake well. Strain the cocktail into a glass and add a popsicle. Garnish with lemon wheels.

Enjoy this “Just Chillin'” cocktail while laying low and watching all-new episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition (9|8c) and Waka & Tammy (10|9c). Don’t forget to follow #HipHopBootCamp and #WakaAndTammy on Instagram and Snapchat!

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, find support and get help.


1-800-662-HELP (4357)
This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups and community-based organizations across the United States.

National Drug Helpline
Their mission is to provide free, accessible resources and contact information to anyone who may be in need of substance abuse or mental disorder help.

A helpful database for searching local help centers for those afflicted by alcohol and drug addiction.

Alcohol and drug recovery assistance and information.

American Addiction Centers
A big-picture approach to addiction treatment for drugs and/or alcohol use/abuse.

Addicted.org has developed a database of more than 4,000 different rehab clinics for alcohol and drug dependency such as outpatient clinics, withdrawal management facilities, residential programs and no-cost treatments in the U.S. They work with callers to help find the treatment plan best suited for their individual needs.

Dual Recovery Anonymous
Dual Recovery Anonymous™ is a 12 Step, self-help program for men and women with a dual diagnosis.

Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcoholics Anonymous is an international fellowship of men and women who have had a drinking problem. There are no age or education requirements. Membership is open to anyone who wants to do something about his or her drinking problem.

Narcotics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. NA members are recovering addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay clean.

Al-Anon Family Groups
Help and support for individuals coping with a loved one’s alcohol addiction.

Women for Sobriety
A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women discover an abstinent life. It is the first self-help recovery program based on the unique emotional needs of women for alcohol and/or drug dependencies.

Crystal Meth Anonymous
Similar to AA or NA, Crystal Meth Anonymous is for those addicted to Crystal Meth. The program is lead by its members to help each other stay clean.

Marijuana Anonymous
Similar to AA and NA, Marijuana Anonymous is for those struggling with an unhealthy or dependent relationship with marijuana.



New York State HOPEline
Offering help and hope 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for alcoholism, drug abuse and problem gambling to those in the greater NY area.

New York Center for Living
Serves the unique developmental, social and psychological needs of adolescents and young adults who have substance abuse or mental health disorders in New York City.

Hazelden Betty Ford
The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is a force of healing and hope for individuals, families and communities affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs. It is the nation’s largest nonprofit treatment provider, with a legacy that began in 1949.


Talbott Recovery
Talbott Recovery is dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive treatment for co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders for individuals in the greater Atlanta area.

Free Rehab Centers
Free alcohol, drug and other rehab resources in Atlanta, Georgia.

MARR Addiction Treatment Center
Long term gender-specific treatment for individuals with alcohol and drug addiction.


County of Los Angeles Public Health
Connects those suffering from addiction, and their loved ones, to treatment centers in LA County.

Alcoholism Center for Women
Women receive substance abuse instruction, STD and HIV/AIDS risk reduction counseling, and emotional and psychological support in the LA area.


Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs
The Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs mission is to engage, coordinate and lead Pennsylvania’s effort to prevent and reduce drug, alcohol and gambling addiction and abuse; and to promote recovery, thereby reducing the human and economic impact of the disease.

Addictions Assessment Center at Presbyterian Medical Center
Placement for individuals suffering from alcohol or specific drug-related addictions, specializing in cocaine and heroin addiction and dual diagnosis in adults.

STOP (Sobriety Through Outpatient)
STOP has provided more than 19,000 Philadelphians, 18 years of age and older, with recovery-oriented, person-centered, culturally competent, state-of-the-art quality outpatient (OP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, mental health and DUI services.

Nothing will be left hidden on an all-new episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition. The couples will expose their most painful experiences from childhood, and recognize how those moments affected their present-day relationships. Several of our Boot Campers can’t help but break down. Meanwhile, on Waka & Tammy, Tammy has been pushed to her limit. When Waka lures her into therapy, all the wounds open up. Enjoy these new episodes with this “Liquid Therapy” cocktail!

Recipe: Liquid Therapy

1 Serving



In a large pitcher, whisk together Prosecco and Limoncello. Serve over raspberries. Garnish with mint.

Enjoy this “Liquid Therapy” cocktail while laying low and watching all-new episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition (9|8c) and Waka & Tammy (10|9c). Don’t forget to follow #HipHopBootCamp and #WakaAndTammy on Instagram and Snapchat!

On the season finale of Life After Lockup, light is shed on the dark. Michael bewilders Megan with a shocking confession and Angela makes a stunning discovery. Elsewhere, Shane and John finally butt heads. Snuggle up in your quarantine pajamas and enjoy this all-new episode with a “La Vie En Rosé” cocktail!

Recipe: La Vie En Rosé

1 Serving



Allow the sorbet to soften slightly before scooping it into serving glasses or shallow bowls. Add the Chambord (or vodka/rum) over sorbet. Top each glass/bowl off with rosé and club soda. Garnish with berries and mint and serve immediately!

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Our couples are getting down and dirty on an all-new episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition. Each pair opens up about their intimacy needs, and where their partners need to improve. Meanwhile, Joseline receives from jarring news and Stew questions his entire relationship with Michel’le. On Waka & Tammy, Waka has some hidden agendas, which cause Tammy to go ballistic. Enjoy all the action (and some alone time) with this “Quarantini” cocktail!

Recipe: Quarantini

1 Serving



Slice lime into 3-4 pieces. Peel kiwi and dice into large chunks. Put lime, kiwi, and sugar into cocktail shaker. Muddle until liquid is formed. Add white rum and ice cubes. Shake until shaker becomes frosty. Pour into martini glass. Garnish with a slice of kiwi cut in the shape of a heart.

Enjoy this “Quarantini” cocktail while laying low and watching all-new episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition (9|8c) and Waka & Tammy (10|9c). Don’t forget to follow #HipHopBootCamp and #WakaAndTammy on Instagram and Snapchat!

Sides are colliding on this all-new episode of Life After Lockup. When Sarah and Maria clash, Michael has a shocking breakdown. Elsewhere, Tracie makes a decision that makes Clint go crazy and Lacey adds fuel to the fire between Shane and John. Ready yourself for some gut-wrenching moments with “The Heartbreaker” cocktail!

Recipe: The Heartbreaker

1 Serving



In a glass filled with ice, pour vodka and grapefruit juice. Stir. Garnish with grapefruit and rosemary.

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On an all-new episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, the strength of our couples is being tested. Day 6’s drills will reveal each of the couples’ hidden flaws. And with Bianca and Chozus’ secret out in the open, the Boot Campers will make a difficult decision about their future in the house. Meanwhile, on the series premiere of Waka & Tammy, the hip hop sweethearts juggle the challenges of marriage: money, sex, family, and fame. Can they handle the pressure? Find out while sipping on this “Hard in da Paint” cocktail!

Recipe: Hard in da Paint

1 Serving



Place the sugar cube at the bottom of an old-fashioned glass. Saturate with bitters, add orange slice, and muddle. Add ice, bourbon, and top with club soda. Stir and garnish with cherry.

Enjoy this “Hard in da Paint” cocktail while watching all-new episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition (9|8c) and Waka & Tammy (10|9c). Don’t forget to follow #HipHopBootCamp and #WakaAndTammy on Instagram and Snapchat!

On this all-new episode of Life After Lockup, things are getting a bit darker for our couples. Andrea reaches her limit with Lamar, while Clint is forced to make a difficult, yet inevitable decision. Elsewhere, Michael has some explaining to do after going M.I.A. Get ready for all the drama with this “The Overnight Sunrise” cocktail!

Recipe: The Overnight Sunrise

1 Serving



Fill cup glass with ice. Add in tequila, orange juice, and cognac. Pour the grenadine in the glass.

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On an all-new episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, some BOLD choices are being made! A major scuffle breaks out at Egypt and Sam’s engagement party, Jojo and Tanice make their way down the aisle, and Bow makes a move on Angela. On Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, the jig is finally up. Day 5’s drill reveals the couples’ innermost secrets and social media scandals. When a shocking truth is exposed, it rocks Boot Camp and prompts the first-ever house elimination vote. Hold on to your seat and sip on this “New Flamin’ Tie” cocktail!

Recipe: New Flamin’ Tie

1 Serving



Fill glass with ice. Add rum, triple sec, brandy, lemon juice, and pineapple juice together in glass. Garnish with slice pineapple and sprinkle on cinnamon.

Enjoy a “New Flamin’ Tie” cocktail while watching all-new episodes of Growing Up Hip Hop (9|8c) and Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition (10|9c)! Don’t forget to follow #GUHH and #HipHopBootCamp on Instagram and Snapchat!

The truth is coming out in this all-new episode of Life After Lockup! Lacey makes a surprising revelation to her dad, while Clint makes a disheartening discovery. Elsewhere, Sarah entices Michael with an unexpected offer that could threaten his ties with Maria. Brace yourselves for this stunning episode with this “Lie Elixir” cocktail.

Recipe: Lie Elixir

1 Serving



Make Butterfly Pea-infused tequila: To make Butterfly Pea Flower-infused tequila, add the tequila and butterfly pea flowers for a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Allow to soak for 2-3 hours or overnight. Strain out flowers and keep in a sealed container. Batch will make 4 drinks.

To make color-changing margarita: Fill the glass with ice, add the butterfly pea-infused tequila. In a cocktail shaker, add the lime juice, triple sec, and simple syrup if using. Shake until combined and chilled. Slowly pour into the glass, and watch the magic happen! Drink will turn from blue to purple. Stir to fully combine before drinking. Garnish with a lime if desired.

Sip on the “Lie Elixir” cocktail while watching an all-new episode of Life After Lockup! And, make sure to follow #LifeAfterLockup on Instagram and Snapchat!